The MACCS (Magnetometer Array for Cusp and Cleft Studies) project is a joint venture between the Augsburg College Physics Department and Boston University's Astronomy Department to study natural interactions in the Earth's space environment. Since 1991, faculty and students at the two colleges have worked together to build, calibrate and install magnetometers and computer-based recording systems at eight villages at the northern end of Hudson Bay, on Baffin Island and on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

The National Science Foundation has awarded a research grant which provides Augsburg and Boston University with money for the MACCS project to continue operating magnetometers at the remote sites.

The grant funding this project will continue to provide exceptional educational benefits to Augsburg College and Boston University students. In addition to the value of hands-on learning of how science is actually done, the cooperative and international nature of environmental science makes it a tremendous educational experience. Our students have the opportunity to meet both young scientists and established physicists from many countries. It's a definite plus for undergraduate students interested in scientific careers.

The people who have worked on this project are:

Augsburg College    Boston University   
Faculty and Staff   
Mark Engebretson
Professor of Physics
Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences   
W. Jeffrey Hughes
Professor of Astronomy
Center for Space Physics
Jennifer Posch
Assistant Scientist
Erik Steinmetz
MACCS Project Manager
Past Project Assistants   
Terry Okonek, Graduated 1993
Andy Sackreiter, Graduated 1994
Jeff Cameron, Graduated 1996
Lars Dyrud, Graduated 1997
Kim Schmidt, Graduated 1997
Jason Exley, Graduated 1998
Larye Pohlman, Graduated 1998
Auggie Negele, Graduated 1998
Eric Klatt, Graduated 1998
Jack Stover, Graduated 2000
Ryan Cobian, Graduated 2001
Matthew Klatt, Graduated 2001
James de Silva, Graduated 2001
Kevin Rassmussen, Graduated 2002
Alexa Halford, Graduated 2003
Jesse Woodroffe, Graduated 2003
Ryan Nevin, Graduated 2004
Geoff Shelburne, Graduated 2005
Heather Greene, Graduated2005
Jon-Erik Hokenson, Graduated 2005
Steve Quick, Graduated 2006
Erik Lundberg, Graduated2006
Matt Broughton, Graduated 2006
Erik Johnson, Graduated 2009
Eric Howe, Graduated 2009
Nils Tolpingrud, Graduated 2010
Carl Kahlstorf, Graduated 2010
Philip Brown, Graduated 2010
Justin Gyllen, Graduated 2011
Carl Benson, Graduated 2011
Andrew Witte, Graduated 2012
Emma Capmane (2014)
Adam Dawn (2014)
Nate Fitzgerald (2014)
Eftyhia Zesta, Ph.D 1997
Ann Walker, MA 2000
Alex Ivanov
David Murr, Ph.D 2003
Carol Carveth

Rene Allard, Graduated 1996
Matt Kowaleski, Graduated 1996
Alex Fayer, Graduated 2002
Sarah Alves, Graduated 2002
Kristin Cass, Graduated 2003
Vicki Stockley, Graduated 2006